Maximizing Revenue Potential With Online Ordering Integration

Posted on January 23, 2019

Mobile ordering

Like everything else in our fast-paced, technology-driven society, the restaurant experience is changing rapidly, and you’re seeing the changes happen right in front of you. There was a time when online ordering was a niche innovation restricted for chains and pizza restaurants. Those days are gone, in fact, it’s expected that your restaurant offers not just online ordering options, but a robust one with a user-friendly app.

The benefits of online ordering are numerous:

  • Order Accuracy
  • Customer Convenience
  • Increased Productivity
  • Ability to Build Database of Customers
  • Targeted Marketing to Your Online Audience

Proper integration with a POS system will allow you to reap the benefits listed above and more.  It’s critical that your systems provide the ability for accurate and immediate orders to be delivered and processed through your restaurant systems without any flaws. Remember, besides picking up the order or having it delivered, the consumers’ entire experience is online.  One missing order or incorrect error could lead to a bad review and thus a domino effect you’ll want to avoid.  Making sure the right POS system is in place along with a dedicated customer support team at your disposal is paramount.

The good news for all of us is that this major game changer is not expensive or complicated.  It’s surprisingly simple and seamless IF the right POS system is in place supporting it.  It’s relatively easy to design an app that has the functionality, look and feel that will wow a consumer, but if it isn’t integrated with your POS system, then disaster awaits, unfortunately.

QuikServe is driven to provide our restaurants with the technology they need to keep up with customer demands. For this reason, we’ve partnered and completed the integration with Olo, an online and mobile ordering and delivery platform for restaurants that syncs with existing operations, systems, and brand.

See how the Olo system helped grow record sales for other QSRs:

The revenue stream from digital ordering is one that cannot be ignored. Contact us today (, 402-933-5296) for details on how Olo can seamlessly be integrated with your restaurant.