Tips for Having a Grand Slam QSR Opening

Posted on October 25, 2019


It’s the bottom of the 9th inning of the World Series, your team is down three points, bases are loaded, you’re up to bat and have two-strikes.

That’s a lot of pressure for one person. This is the same kind of pressure you may be feeling if you are about to have a grand opening for your new restaurant.

Here are some helpful tips to knock your grand (slam) opening out of the ballpark:

1. Social media. This is essentially free advertisement, so you should be using these platforms to your advantage. For the food industry, Instagram is best to showcase your food and restaurant with vibrant, trendy photos. Twitter is a great way to engage with your followers. Social media is where you can let your creativity flow…and don’t forget to create a unique hashtag!

2. Staff bonding. Get to know your staff well before the opening. A grand opening can be a stressful time for all employees. Make the time to have a couple of team bonding experiences prior to the event. This will help increase work morale and develop a high-quality team.

3. Offer something free. Simply mention the word ‘free’ and you will have people flocking to your door. We know free isn’t something you can offer often, but if there is one day you should offer free stuff it is your grand opening. Some ideas for free perks could be a drink ticket, an appetizer or even an entry into a raffle for some big prizes. Whatever you decide to offer promote this on your social media pages.

4. Schedule and train staff properly. First, it’s always good to be overstaffed for a grand opening because the last thing you want is to lose new customers due to long wait times. Second, train your staff to be fast, efficient and friendly. Poor service will not result in repeat customers. Set aside time before the opening to have your employees come in and do training on your POS system, payment methods and how to handle different customer interactions.

5. Technical Support. Have a technology provider offers 24/7 support. If an issue comes up the opening day you can’t wait until the next morning for their help, you need it now!

6. Charity Involvement. People like to be a part of a good cause. Find a local charity that you align with and see how you can involve them with the grand opening.  

Now use these tips, get your fans excited and have a victory-filled opening. For the best technology and support team to assist you on opening day and every other day give QuikServe a call at 402-933-5296 or email us at